About Us

The dirt on Growerfields Farm

Thirty years ago, Jess and Amy Turner were determined to get out of their cars and into the field. So they bought 12 acres of farmland not far from where they grew up in Northern Illinois. 

With a dream to go organic and bring delicious chicken, fruits and vegetables to city dwellers not used to eating organic, they started small, with just four vegetables. The reaction was close to ecstatic, so they figured this was a good sign, and they took the plunge and literally grew their business.

Today Jess and Amy farm 75 acres and supply freshly-picked certified organic produce and chicken to restaurants, company kitchens, and members of its CSA. And they haven’t forgotten their roots. You’ll still find the Growerfields farmstand in Chicago at Green City Market in the winter and Argyle Night Market during the summer, keeping their city customers happy.